St Mary's Church with St Luke's

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We have two church communities, click for map location and address details of St Mary's or St Luke's

St Mary's Church

St Mary's Church (red pin on the map) is on Osterley Rd, which can be accessed directly by car from the westbound carriageway of the Great West Rd (A4). When travelling on the eastbound carriageway towards London, turn right at the Thornbury Rd traffic lights and then take the first turning left on to Church Road to access Osterley Rd. 

The nearest London Underground station is Osterley, which is on the Piccadilly line, and is less than 1 km to the west of the church. The nearest rail station is Isleworth, which is less than 1 km to the south east.

The Great West Road is on the H91 bus route.

St Luke's Church

St Luke's Church (red pin on the map) is on Kingsley Rd, 250 m north of the junction with the eastern end of the High St (A315) in Hounslow, which is the location of the main Hounslow Bus Garage.

Hounslow East station, which is on the Piccadilly line of the London Underground, is immediately to the south of the church.

Kingsley Road is on the H111 bus route.

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