For those of you who missed the women's breakfast on Saturday 21st November. You are now able to view this on YouTube.

Digging Deeper

Hannah Bowring's talk is well worth watching . She mentioned some great resources, quotes and bible references. Here are a few you might like to explore further:

A few other things emerged that seems important to share.

In the comments, one of the viewers encouraged us to use the Lord's Prayer as a centering prayer. You can use your own variation each day to help bring you back to a sense of dependency on God alone. 

Also, you may like to read the story of Mephiboseth in 2 Samuel chapter 9. A beautiful story of inclusion, honour and redemption. The final verse in 2 Samuel 9:13-14 seemed relevant to us

'So Mephibosheth lived in Jerusalem , for he always ate at the King's table. Now he was lame in both his feet'

If our Hope is focused solely on physical healing, we may be disappointed. But if we set our sights on feasting with the King of Kings, that is a Hope that will be satisfied, in Christ. (You may like to read the context of that story  


We would love to hear any feedback you have to share. Please do send us your thoughts on how it went for you and how we can make it even better next time! 

We are not yet sure when the women's breakfast will be. We aim for one a term so perhaps we will see you in the New Year - either face to face or online.

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